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Process Management Consulting

:)Still smiling at the fourth shot!!!He Sleeps just like a kid forgetting worries!!

Citroen Middle East

LOL....The fourth shot is simply superb!!!Its all very rare!!!


is that a pet park?


the first one looks cool
wall of tower


so cute was the fourth photo...can I label it?

"finding serenity in the middle of busy place"


Love the people in these shots.
City slickers going about their daily business.


the 4th photo here is so amusing.
that sleeping old man looks like he's having the time of his life;
i can even hear him snoring, LOL.


excellent urban candids.. street photography is really fun to do in these kinds of places..

SD (Aspherical)

I like how the folks in the third photograph are interacting, in contrast to the rest of the series.


Hong Kong is a fascinating place, yor photographs do it justice.... capture the spirit wonderfully.

Michael Rawluk

I really like the third shot.


you always take such great people shots, these really dapture a flavour of the place.


Er zijn er lekker niksen, die slapen, die liefhebben, die wachten op groen licht, overal hetzelfde... We zijn met velen... Knap geïllustreerd.

yiannis krikis

you catch the town's atmosphere in these images - very nice work


Some pictures full of imagination and creativity, which is what has gotten into the art world.

fortuitous faery

i like the couple and the tiny dog watching them!


Great street candid shots Sidney. Well done!


Great street shots, my favourite is the couple with the dog, cute!

Photo Cache

I really would love to see Hongkong only to watch people and take lots of street photography.

Yours are so fantastic.


Tes reportages sont toujours aussi intéressants et les attitudes des divers acteurs, tout autant.


i think you saw more of Hongkong than I did when I visited LOL. Thanks to your photographic skill, I'm seeing more of HK now LOL.


I have SO much catching up to do. Can hardly wait to get back here for awhile...maybe tomorrow.

Otto K.

really like the second and fourth ones. Nice, Sidney.


I love your photos specially the sleeping man. Makes you wonder how he can sleep with all the noise around him.

One thing that "shocked" me. I never saw several NOT rail-thin people in Hong Kong (photo 5). I'm not kidding, when a friend came to visit us in 1990 her first comment was "where are the fat people?". I guess times have changed.:D

RennyBA's Terella

What a great photo report from a place I've never been - you've captured the pulsing life so well Sidney!

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